souls orphanage

Healing Souls Orphanage was established in 2014, with a concrete intention to provide care for aging destitute mothers.


Children’s Education

There are many students who are dropouts in schools and colleges as their parents can’t afford payment of fees. By supporting these needy underprivileged student’s education, we can help them continue their studies. So we act as a bridge between seeker and the one who can afford. If you want to sponsor someone, we’ll direct your willingness to genuine schools and colleges and you can sponsor the student.

Rural Orphanage or Madrasa

We try our utmost best to extend full support to madrasa and other orphanages in rural areas.


Healing Souls Orphanage 24/7 365 days chilled drinking water

Healing Souls Orphanage provides free chilled drinking water 24/7 365 days. During summers, usage is more than 2000 lts per day and in other seasons it is nearly 1500 lts per day.

Self - employment and small scale industries training programme

Promoting youth entrepreneurship and enterprise creation is a key policy nowadays. In order to promote youth entrepreneurship, increasing awareness, training, and skill development training programmes among young people of the opportunities, explaining the challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment are crucial. This will improve small businesses and increase employment opportunities in developing economies in transition. We are promoting small-scale industries and providing self-employment programmes to youth and women from marginalized communities.

SPONSOR A Child Today

1 Year

$ 100
  • Education
  • Shelter
  • Books
  • School Uniform
  • Healthy Meals 3 times a day


‘Little drops make the mighty ocean’. Even a small amount of donation can make a big difference in people’s lives.
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