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About Us

Healing Souls Orphanage is an organization that’s been established by Mohammed Mohsin Siddiqui, which includes social workers, teachers, planners, and experts in social affairs.

Our Services

Children’s Education

There are many students who are dropouts in schools and colleges as their parents can’t afford payment of fees. By supporting this needy underprivileged student’s education, we can help them continue their studies. So, we act as a bridge between seeker and the one who can afford. If you want to sponsor someone, we’ll direct your willingness to genuine schools and colleges, and you can sponsor the student.

Rural Orphanage or Madrasa

We try our utmost best to extend full support to madrasa and other orphanages in rural areas.

Healing Souls Orphanage 24/7 365 days chilled drinking water

Healing Souls Orphanage provides free chilled drinking water 24/7 365 days. During summers, usage is more than 2000 liters per day and in other seasons it is nearly 1500 liters per day.

Self-employment and small-scale industry training programs

Promoting youth entrepreneurship and enterprise creation is a key policy nowadays. To promote youth entrepreneurship, increasing awareness, training, and skill development training programs among young people of the opportunities, explaining the challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment are crucial. This will improve small businesses and increase employment opportunities in developing economies in transition. We are promoting small-scale industries and providing self-employment programs to youth and women from marginalized communities.


To help the less fortunate kids of our community at large

To make them good individuals and mostly independent

To make them global citizens and help them gain skills to live with honor and self-reliance.

Our History

HealingSouls Orphanage was founded to help orphans find a home and a future as they are just as important as any other child. The main objective of Healing Souls Orphanage is to nurture and to educate children into a bright future and to become an asset to their communities and to the world with their great minds and ideas.

What we Provide

A good home with all necessary requirements.

Including Discipline & Morals

Providing good formal education from dedicated and experienced teachers

Spacious & ventilated classrooms for potential learning to take place.

Class per their individual potential

Good motivation from teachers with individual attention

Computer lab to enhance computer technicality.

Spacious playground for physical mental and emotional development

Proper hygienic kitchen

Well planned nutritious balanced diet

Good bedding for round sleep

Maintain cleanliness and hygiene throughout the premises.

Future citizen of the world

Purified drinking water

Good nutritious 3-time meals

Education through a genuine educational facility

Physical activities for children

Children will be provided with School uniforms, stationery and books.


Building and Infrastructure (Building, Classrooms, Computer Lab, Kitchen, Masjid, Madarsa etc.)


Lodging – 3rd Floor.

Board Members

Syed Ashfaq Ahmed Naqvi – President

Mohammed Mohsin Siddiqui – Advisor

Ayesha Parveen Reshma – Chief Administrator

Zeeshan Siddiqua – Administrator

Syed Noor Ali – Supervisor

Wajid Ali Khan – Head Chef

Mohammed Moiz – Warden

Aim & Objectives


To establish and run necessary organizations such as orphanages for destitute and needy children, to ensure social security to the citizens etc.


To provide free counseling for children or senior citizens who have disputes in their families and resolve their problems.


To provide free counseling and shelter to children who are desperate, lonely, suicidal, subject to domestic violence and through a personal crisis and in imminent danger of taking their own lives.


To organize social awareness programs like global aging, girl child education, global warming awareness, aids awareness, domestic violence, etc. among the public.


To organize self-employment training and programs for the needy children, young children such as computer training, skills training, etc.


To organize sports etc., and to hold competitions, etc to promote the child.


To organize, conduct medical health and rehabilitation camps.


To invest and promote income generation programs through training, manufacturing farming, etc.


To bring environmental awareness and help in the projects of the plantation, afforestation, waste management, water conservation, promote rainwater harvesting, wasteland reclamation, and recycling, etc.


To do relief work during natural calamities and start relief centers and food, medical clothes, etc. distribution centers.


+91 40 2438 9238 +91 99854 39238

[email protected]

# 19-3-543/48, Ali Nagar, Hyderabad – 500 053, Telengana, India

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