Our Aim And Objective


To establish and run necessary organizations such as orphanages for destitute and needy children homes, etc to ensure social security to the citizens.


To provide free counseling for children or senior citizens who have disputes in their families and resolve their problems.


To provide free counseling and shelter to children who are desperate, lonely, suicidal, subject to domestic violence and through a personal crisis and in imminent danger of taking their own lives.


To organize social awareness programs like global aging, girl child education, global warming awareness, aids awareness, domestic violence, etc among the public.


To organize self-employment training and program for the needy children, young children such as computer training, skills training, etc.


To organize sports etc., and to hold competitions, etc to promote the child.


To organize, conduct medical health and rehabilitation camps.


To invest and promote income generation programs through training, manufacturing farming, etc.


To bring environmental awareness and help in the projects of the plantation, afforestation, waste management, water conservation, promote rainwater harvesting, wasteland reclamation, and recycling, etc.


To do relief work during natural calamities and also start relief centers and food, medical clothes, etc distribution centers.

What We Provide

Great nutritious meals 3 times a day
Purified Drinking Water
Education through a genuine institution
Physical activities for kids
Safe & Hygienic environment for kids
Providing a school uniform and books for the children
A good home with all necessary requirements
Inculating discipline and morals
Providing good formal education from dedicated and experienced teachers
Spacious & ventilated classrooms for potential learning to take place
Class per their individual potential
Good motivation from teachers with individual attention
Computer lab to walk in pace with the world Spacious playground for physical mental and emotional development
Proper Hygienic kitchen
Well planned nutritous balanced diet
Good bedding for round sleep
Maintain cleanliness and hygiene through out the premisis
Future citizens of the world
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